Nativity costumes

Manufacturing and sales of costumes for Nativity scenes, in Italy and abroad.
Clothes and costumes enterely hand-made, for all the characters of the living Crib: the Holy Family, the Magi, King Herod the Great, the angels, roman officiers and soldiers, the Temple guards.

Costumi di Scena® has created, inter alia, the dresses used into the Nativity scenes of: Cerqueto - Fano Adriano (TE), Spoleto (PG), Trivigliano (FR), Porto Santo Stefano (GR), Fagagna (UD), Civita di Bagnoregio (VT), Grottammare (AP), Vejano (VT), Marineo (PA), Verbania.

Herod the Great
Joseph of Nazareth
Mary of Nazareth
The three Wise Men
Appius Claudius
Lucius Sextius
Saul of Tarsus
The Priests of the Temple
Our costumes into the events
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