Santa Claus suits

Christmas is the most desired holiday for children who, with families, relive every year those magical moments when the dearest affections are confirmed.
A professional Santa costume makes this anniversary more suggestive: our handcrafted creations, intended for family use or for commercial events, are available in 3 versions:
⦿   classic: jacket, trousers, decorated hat in woolen cloth or velvet;
⦿   mont blanc: long jacket, trousers and cap in soft jersey, high belt;
⦿   lapp: long decorated jacket, pants, sweater vest, cap in pure wool;
⦿   vintage: jacket, trousers, decorated hat in woolen cloth.
⦿   Christmas elf: jacket, trousers, pointed hat with pon-pon, glove box bag.

Santa Claus costume
Santa Claus in soft jersey
Santa Claus of Lapland
Vintage Santa suit
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