How to order

The phone contact with us, makes it possible to establish an immediate relationship: our costume designer will respond to requests, suggesting the most appropriate solutions, in line with your type of event.
However, it is possible to follow simple steps that allow you to initiate negotiations to request quotes, to know the costs and execution of the work:
  Once you have identified the costume model or accessory to buy, simply fill out the electronic contact form, which is accessed from any site page, by selecting the "Contact" icon or the "Request Information".
In response to your request, we will send you an email with our proposal so that it can be properly evaluated.
  In case our proposal has aroused interest, you must reply to the message or contact our laboratory to get an order confirmation form, to be returned signed and scanned via email to or fax (+39 055.5308599).
  Some costumes and accessories are also on sale online; just select the Shopping online icon shop now  to complete the operation on our dedicated e-commerce website.